Lost River Range, Idaho

Snow up high. Saturated river bottoms; cottonwood leaves holding on to one last bright gasp before dropping. A deeper-blue sky. Greater shadows. Skittish mule deer.

 October, 2018

October, 2018

Lost River Range

Look at a fire map of the West (InciWeb) from California to Montana and you will see dozens of blazes. Fire and to a larger extent, smoke, is the new norm in the west. July and August in the mountainous areas and in some places along the coast, year-around. 

Smoke Light. Lost River Range. August, 2018

Picabo, Idaho

A bit of smoke and lots of sun and hot weather too. Late July, Picabo, Idaho.

 Summer. July 2018. Picabo, Idaho

Summer. July 2018. Picabo, Idaho

Faraway Cayes

I had the privilege of spending a few weeks on the Mosquito Coast and Faraway Cayes in Honduras this past March. It was an incredible experience on many levels. I'm working on an editorial piece, words and photos, on that trip. My story is slated to be published this July. So..., more to come on that.

In the meantime, here's a link to Beyond The Horizon, a roughly 22 minute video on Faraway Cayes. It's certainly a fly fishing frontier and as a heli-fishing operation, really worthwhile. Think lots and lots of tailing bones but the trip is for the person looking to have many shots at permit each day.

Backpacking Olympic National Park

I just returned from a backpacking trip along the coast in Olympic National Park with my two sons. Think eagles and ferns and otters and rain and beach... You can even have a monster fire on the beach in solitude with the abundant driftwood.

It's easy to forget when packing that the Olympic Coast is a rainforest. It's wet. When the sun comes out it's a bonus and we were fortunate to have a little sun here and there.

olympic coast beach.jpg