Anglers Journal

There's a relatively new print publication out there called Anglers Journal. It's a quarterly publication with an emphasis on salt but also includes freshwater.

Here is the new cover for the winter 2015 issue. What I really like about this publication is the focus on people/faces/personalities of fishing. While there is not a dedicated web site that I know of, you can subscribe to (it's worth it!) Anglers Journal.

In the latest issue, Winter 2015, I have new work featuring Salmon River Steelhead. Below is the lead image:

Anglers Journal Winter 2015 Issue

South Fork Of The Boise River. Winter.

With temps forecast to be well above freezing yesterday a few of us decided to make a quick run over to The South Fork of The Boise. I had not been there since prior to the fire in the summer of 2013. While there are certainly some major changes to the river, the South Fork still has the same mojo it's always had with me; the potential for large rainbows and even rising fish in the heart of winter.

Winter. South Fork Of The Boise River

Zac Mayhew reaches out for a South Fork rainbow.

Silver Creek Alpine Glow

The image below was taken yesterday of Silver Creek just before the sun dipped below the horizon. The lower reaches have been frozen over from the recent cold which has been exacerbated by an inversion making it far colder in Picabo than in Ketchum or even the top of Baldy (Sun Valley Ski Area).

Alpine Glow. Silver Creek Near Picabo, Idaho. Winter

East Oxbow Silver Creek

Recent cold temps coupled with a wicked inversion have made it downright chilly on Silver Creek near Picabo, Idaho. Silver Creek, pictured below, was completely frozen over near Picabo.

East Oxbow

A Christmas BBQ

We had a great snowfall on Christmas Eve and friends and family made a fire pit outside and grilled our dinner. Jackets still reek of smoke and we may have eaten a little later than planned but it was well worth the effort...

Moody Winter Day

It was a moody winter day today with storm totals in the 10" - 12" range in the Ketchum area. I shot down to Silver Creek this am to throw streamers for a bit. High temps above 32 degrees made for a bit of rain near Picabo. Silver Creek is flowing low and clear and cloudy days are generally the best streamer days...

Silver Creek, Idaho. Winter

Winter Range. Elk near Gannett, Idaho.

Fly Tying Table.

Foam Is Home

Here's an image taken of a rainbow pushing through a foam eddy on the Big Wood River a few days ago. Days with high temps above 32 degrees can be gems on the Big Wood in the winter. It's even possible to find rising fish... 

Winter Riser. Big Wood River, Idaho

Winter Riser. Big Wood River, Idaho

Santa Barbara Beach Portraits

Here are some portraits of my family from a recent trip to Santa Barbara. I am really looking forward to some upcoming trips including to Cuba and New Zealand this winter. Taking portraits of all kinds of people along the way will be a priority on those trips... There is a lot to be said to stopping and talking to someone and taking the time to hear a snippet of their story and hopefully getting an image of them that speaks to their personality and place.

Santa Barbara. After Sunset

Butterfly Beach