Silver Creek Tricos

While The Nature Conservancy section is closed on Silver Creek from 10 pm to 10 am, there is still fishing to be had downstream of the Killpatrick Bridge. The Pond is deeper and the water is actually approx 4 to 5 degrees cooler below the dam than the water entering the Killpatrick Pond. While Silver Creek is near or at an all time low as far as flow goes, the Killpatrick Pond Project could not have come at a better time. With the the old dam that was a top release now removed along with the deeper water due to dredging, the pond and the portion of Silver Creek downstream of the dam is no longer seeing a warming of water and in fact the water as previously mentioned is even colder below the Killpatrick Pond...

Below is an image of a frenetic pod of fish rising to Trico Spinners on the Double R section of Silver Creek.

The Drake Magazine Summer Issue

Still thinking about Brown Drakes...? Then check out the new issue of The Drake magazine. Below is the opening two pages of an eight page feature on Silver Creek's Brown Drake hatch. This hatch is one of my favorites and Silver Creek is a spot I find myself shooting all the time...

Digital Silver Print

I recently discovered a lab/printer that can print digital images similar to silver gelatin prints. It's a pretty remarkable process and I'm very pleased with the results. Here's the link to a short video on the lab and the process:

I just had the below image printed at 16" X 24" with a one inch surround border making the paper size 18" X 26". I am selling this print for $495.

Silver Creek, Idaho.

16" X 24"

Print: $495


True silver gelatin baryta based paper, 310gsm

Glossy fiber surface (this paper has less gloss than gloss inkjet or RA4 papers)

White paper base with warmer image tones

Processed in liquid chemistry to archival standards

Ideal for exhibitions, portfolios and fine art prints

Superior silver content for richer tones and shadow detail


Email for print inquiries.

Big Wood River Below Magic Reservoir

At around 900 cfs, the Big Wood River below Magic Reservoir is quite swift to wade but from a drift boat it's just right... On this particular day, the PMD's (Pale Morning Duns) were prolific. The water color and surreal greens and basalt is really quite striking this time of year.