East Oxbow. Silver Creek.

Here's a shot from late yesterday afternoon of Silver Creek. We've had a lot of rain which is really well needed! It has also turned some of the brown back to green which will not last for long. Indian summer though for the rest of the week with highs in Picabo near 60. 

East Oxbow. Silver Creek, Idaho.

A Great English Setter

Boone. The kind of English Setter everyone wants. Kind, perfectly affable, behaved, loving... All of those things. He has a great owner though who sets him loose on big land and treats him like a son. Pictured below, Boone, tries to set the land speed record for four-leggeds after waiting patiently (kind of) in the truck while his father (John Huber) and I threw a few casts on Silver Creek.

Boone Dog. Picabo, Idaho.

Silver Creek Rising Rainbow

Cool and cloudy weather and often times flat out wet weather over the last two weeks have really ramped up the hatches on Silver Creek. Baetis and Mahogany Duns have been super consistent except for the days with too much rain. The image below was taken on Silver Creek during light rain and a good Baetis emergence.

A Rainy Day On Silver Creek

The rain and sometimes wind never really seemed to stop long enough for the bugs to get going for real yesterday. There were a few moments here and there though when the rain was light enough to allow callibaetis and baetis to actually get off the water without being pummeled by rain drops. During those momemts in the late afternoon there were a few risers...

Chad Chorney trying to cull the risers and put his callibaetis in the right lane. Silver Creek, Idaho.