The Sawtooths

Smoky skies are the new norm for August. Thunderstorms have been rolling through too, compounding the surreal color cast with a muggy and palpable sky. Sometimes it smells like sweet pipe smoke. The rest of the time it's not discernible to my nose. Burning sage and bitterbrush to the south and I suppose some cheatgrass as well. Lodgepole pines are getting cremated to the north. A visual amalgamation of sorts: muted, Impressionistic, cold-blue in August, and teary-eyed. 

Sawtooths & Smoke. August 2017. Idaho.

Sawtooths & Smoke. August 2017. Idaho.

Silver Creek Rainbow

Heat of the day. Packed SUV's leave dust contrails on their way north with float tubes plastered to the roofs. Pretty soon Silver Creek is left with those who don't know any better or those who hope the weed beds will soon be smothered in a giant blue orgy. I've banked on it plenty of times and come up empty handed. It's a bit of a roll of the dice, but when it happens and enough fish are keyed into Damselflies, it'll make for a memorable afternoon.

A Silver Creek rainbow after taking a Damselfly.

Characters On The River

If you happen to fish the Henry's Fork regularly and even on occasion, Silver Creek, you're likely to have encountered Whitefish Ed in his pink Whitefish Unlimited hat. He may have been wearing sequins or a brightly colored fish scale vest over an equally bright shirt of some kind. It's not likely you witnessed, at least recently, Ed on a Western river wearing camo or earth tones. He stands out... Better yet, he's working on a book and I'm looking forward to seeing the final product.

Whitefish Ed on the eve of the Silver Creek opener at Picabo Angler

Whitefish Ed

Portraits Of Fly Fishing Guides

A long term photography project of mine is taking portraits of fly fishing guides both domestically and internationally. Below are portraits of guides at Limay River Lodge in Argentina. All of these guides I would gladly fish with any day. They all work together, are exceptionally knowledgeable of their craft and location and are fun to be with.

They are part of the team at Limay River Lodge and can be found grating cheese for the chef prior to dinner, drinking matte outside the dining room in the morning or hanging with any of the guests before or after fishing talking about any number of things in Spanish and or English. 

Guides can make or break any lodge or shop or outfitting service. All five of the guides below I would recommend to anyone wanting to fish in Argentina.

In fact, I am working on hosting a group of anglers to Patagonia next year and if you are interested in joining me at Limay River Lodge shoot me an email ( 

I am hoping to dovetail a hosted trip to Argentine Patagonia (Limay River Lodge) with Chilean Patagonia (Los Torreones Lodge). Seeing both sides of the Andes is really quite striking. I spent three weeks last year with the Salas family at Los Torreones Lodge, located on the Simpson River, and they blew me away with their work ethic and kindness. It's also an incredible place and fishery--think 3x and large Parachute Adams. See the last issue of Anglers Journal for a feature story I wrote and shot on Pancho Salas and his family owned Los Torreones Lodge.

Feel free to contact me if this is a trip you are interested in.

Pablo Viñaras



Nano and Fabian have matte and discuss the Limay River channels with a hand drawn map

Nano Martinez. He's fourth generation on the Limay River

Fabian 2

Fabian 3


Nano 2